T-Mobile 100GB internet data plan

Originally published at: T-Mobile 100GB internet data plan - SeaBits

T-Mobile is offering a decent hotspot / router plan again for $50/month that includes 100GB of data, roaming, and more!

I now have 2x of these 100GB plans and they have been working extremely well in both a Peplink MAX Transit CAT18, and Peplink MAX HD1 Dome CAT18. I have not seen any limits or slowdowns, and I’ve even used them while near the border to Canada in roaming and seen them connect correctly to Telus and work just as well.

I guess I doomed myself by posting this a day ago… One of my T-Mobile 100GB SIM cards is no longer allowing data to flow. It connects and shows a good solid signal, but nothing beyond that. I’ve tried moving it around in different devices, but no luck so far. Troubleshooting continues…